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Book Cover-Didn't Look Back, by Bert Gilroy

Bert Gilroy-Author

Herbert “Bert” Gilroy started working in a Bowling Alley, setting up Pins, at age 11. Bert also worked as a Carpenter with his Dad on the Weekends and Summers until he was 16 years old.

At age 16, Bert quit High School and did what many boys his age dreamed of- he joined the Navy!  The next years of his life were literally 1 Adventure after another… Bert never runs out of stories to tell!

Bert’s Story

Caught between his mainstream father, the 50’s Beat Generation and the Hippies of the 60’s; Drugs and Alcohol played a big part in his life for the next twenty years.

Bert met many different types of people on his Journeys, traveling all around the USA…

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